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Recipe Ideas

Need some ideas on how to cook our delicious meat?

Discover our favourite recipe suggestions here...

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Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn make haggis at Pollok Williamson

Paul and Nick visit Pollok Williamson and make haggis in their Big Food Trip.

View the video of Big Food Trip making haggis here...

Michael Portillo makes haggis at Pollok Williamson

A visit to Pollok Williamson on Great British Rail Journeys

View the video of Michael Portillo making haggis here...

Adrian Edmondson makes haggis at Pollok Williamson

A visit to Pollok Williamson on Ade in Britain

View the video of Adrian Edmondson making haggis at Pollok Williamson...

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Pork Mince
Quality pork minced, a great alternative to beef...
Ex Tax: £3.00
Diced Leg Of Pork
Pure lean leg of pork hand diced Specially selected prime...
Ex Tax: £4.00
Pork Loin Escalopes
Extra thin pork loin perfect for frying or grilling. Cook...
Ex Tax: £2.80
Pork Medallions
Sweet and tasty pork that cooks in minutes The medalion...
Ex Tax: £3.60
Pork Fillet
Perfect for a midweek treat or special dinner. The fillet...
Ex Tax: £7.20
Mini Pork Leg Roast
Succulent, tender and tasty. Small roasts for two to...
Ex Tax: £5.50
Boneless Leg Of Pork
A lean and tasty family roast A lean and tasty family...
Ex Tax: £12.60
Boneless Rolled Loin Of Pork
A lean and tender,tasty roast for the weekend Our loin of...
Ex Tax: £14.40
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