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Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn make haggis at Pollok Williamson

Paul and Nick visit Pollok Williamson and make haggis in their Big Food Trip.

View the video of Big Food Trip making haggis here...

Michael Portillo makes haggis at Pollok Williamson

A visit to Pollok Williamson on Great British Rail Journeys

View the video of Michael Portillo making haggis here...

Adrian Edmondson makes haggis at Pollok Williamson

A visit to Pollok Williamson on Ade in Britain

View the video of Adrian Edmondson making haggis at Pollok Williamson...

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Steak Sausage
A tasty round slice sausage Steak slice is a bit coarser and leaner than the lorne sausage and is..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Traditional Beef Sausage
Delicious hand made sausages Real meaty beef sausages made to our own recipe with our secret blen..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Traditional Lorne Sausage
BUY A 4lb (1.82kilo ) BLOCK OF LORNE SAUSAGE A traditional lorne scottish square slice sausage no..
Ex Tax: £10.80
Based on 1 reviews.
Traditional Pork Sausages
Delicious hand made pork sausages Real meaty pork sausages made to our own recipe with our secret..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Unsmoked Back Bacon
Premium quality unsmoked back bacon Our back bacon has a wonderful taste and is ideal on any brea..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Whole Black Pudding
Whole Black Pudding, can be frozen. 1.28 Kilo of Black Pudding.It is 25% cheaper to buy the whole..
Ex Tax: £10.24
Whole Fruit Pudding
Probably the best fruit pudding you will taste Our own fruit pudding is made to a secret family r..
Ex Tax: £10.24
Chieftain Haggis
As made on t.v by Micheal Portillo on his Great British Train Journey from Ayr to Skye. Our haggi..
Ex Tax: £18.90
Based on 3 reviews.
Steak Burger 150g
Real meaty burger, packed with flavour. Our handmade steak burgers are bursting full of flavour a..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Steak Mince
Specially selected cuts of our lean prime steak minced.   A versatile food which can be&n..
Ex Tax: £2.75
Supreme of Chicken
Tender and tasty a versatile cut of chicken. The chicken supremes has the skin and bone left on..
Ex Tax: £1.99
Clansman Haggis
Ideal for a small family gathering. A tasty treat that would grace any table even that of the bar..
Ex Tax: £12.60
Based on 2 reviews.
Steak Burger 200g
Our biggest burger, succulent and tasty. Our hand made steak burgers are bursting full of flavour..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Whole Chicken
A favourite with all the family The white flesh of the breast is moist and full of flavour , the ..
Ex Tax: £4.52
Diced Stew
Our diced stew is selected from shoulder cuts from our Scotch beef, we trim excess fat before dicing..
Ex Tax: £3.25
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